Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Navigation for website and Chinese language

Lately, we have strongly been considering who our target market is for Cat and Rat.  We have identified children in the 7-14 age group, as these are children that would be young enough to appreciate the story behind the film, but also mature enough to understand the underlying messages and the cultural origins.  Furthermore, we have decided to target it at anyone who has an interest in Chinese culture or folk legends.

We have therefore decided to make two versions of the Cat and Rat, once in the English language and another in Chinese, with English subtitles.  The English-dubbed version would be fairly important for younger children who may not be used to reading subtitles and hearing a foreign language Both versions of Cat and Rat will be recorded by Jeff Chen, a fellow animation student.  Recording the film in multiple languages will also increase the opportunity to market the film to other countries.

As for the website, I have been working at reflecting the style of the film and the target market.  I have therefore come up with a Navigation bar with the four pages that I decided on.  I have decided that each of the buttons would be an English language link, but when the user hovers over it, the English fades to reveal the Chinese language equivalent underneath.  To see what I mean, have a look at this: http://www.catandratfilm.co.uk/test.html.  I initially obtained the Chinese words by pasting the original English into Google Translate, which can sometimes be problematic when it comes to translating grammar or translating words in the correct context, but I ran it by Jeff and he said that all of the Chinese was correct.

I have also started writing up the Synopsis for the Cat and Rat, along with a brief paragraph on the Background of the origin of the film and production.  This will go on the about page of the web site.

A concept which I really wanted to have in the site was to have a crossfade transition to each piece of content when the user clicked on a link.  However, I spent ages yesterday trying to fiddle with Javascript and Javascript plugins and I could not get this working so I may have to either ditch the idea altogether or try and resolve it right at the end, when I have finished all the priority stuff.

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