Monday, 20 February 2012


I have decided to take on the responsibility of building the website to promote the Cat and Rat film.  This website needs to be designed in such a way that it reflects the theme and style of the film.  In this case, the style is ancient Chinese art and the website will need to reflect this.

The first decisions that I have made about the website is that the headings and links of the website are going to have the same font face that is being used in the title of the film, which is called Konfuciuz and looks something like this.
I do not think that I will use the same font face for the paragraphs as the font face is difficult to read in large amounts and is much more suited to titles and headings.

As a background, I am going to use the same texture that we applied to our character designs, as this is very close to the material that a lot of Chinese paintings were painted on.
The website that I had initially set up was looking very plain, so for the time being, I have placed this placeholder, which consists of the background and the title of the film in the Konfuciuz font, along with a Chinese zodiac motif that Lily came up with for a separate project.

As for the content on the actual site, I have come up with four possible web pages, which I have also run by the team.  They are as follows:

  • Home Page: This will be the first page that the users come across.  This will feature a video of the trailer, and eventually the final film
  • About: This page will give details about the film, such as what the story is about and where is originated from, as well as any details about the production.
  • The Team: Details on each member of the team, including a self-summary, what roles we fulfilled for the film and any contact details
  • Artwork: Any concept work that we did
I am working on the look of the website at the moment and I am thinking of something like this.
The title will remain at the top and the navigation bar will be in the footer.  Any content will be included in the center of the web page.  I am very keen to have a fade in/fade out transition between each bit of content, perhaps with some javascript, but I have not been able to work out how to do that.

Another idea I have is that when the user hovers over a link, it crossfades into the Chinese words for that link; possible also accompanied by a chime sound.  This would require javascript as well; I have been trying to look for javascript plugins that would be suitable today to no avail whatsoever.

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