Personal Schedules


Here is the schedule that I have come up with for the Synaesthesia project, which I joined as an Animator on the 12th April 2012.  So far, I have 10 shots to do in only seven weeks, so I need to plan each stage carefully and efficiently.

Week Dates Planned progress
116/04/2012Shot 8 - Door to Piano
Shot 2 - Hallway to Kitchen
2 23/04/2012 Shot 3 - Kitchen to Bookroom
Shot 4 -Kitchen to Bookroom
Shot 5- Book room to Dog Room
3 30/04/2012 Shot 6 - Stairs to Dog room
Shot 7 - Dog room to Piano
Shot 11 - Canvas Painting
4 07/05/2012Shot 9 - Aerial shot of Piano
Shot 1- Walk cycle for live action backdrop

This should give us 3 weeks to focus compositing and editing.  We intend to render out each shot as and when they are completed.

Cat and Rat (now abandoned)

Here is the schedule that I came up with for the project, Cat and Rat: The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac, along with all the necessary deadlines.  I organised it so that it fit with every other team member's schedule. Unfortunately, this project has since been abandoned due to the large number of technical issues that we encountered and that hindered our progress.

Week Dates Planned progress
1 02/01/12 Redesign Ox and Emperor characters
2 09/01/12 Finalise Ox and Emperor characters and draw up model sheets
3 16/01/12 Begin rigging of the cat.
4 23/01/12
Give the cat rig to James for weighting
Test the cat rig and if it works; send to the group
Begin rigging of the Ox
5 30/01/12 Give the Ox rig to James for weighting
6 06/02/12 Test the Ox rig and if it works; send to the group
7 13/02/12 Decide as a group who animates each shot.
8 20/02/12 Prepare for animation; sketch key poses and record oneself in the various poses, where possible. Otherwise, use archived footage of relevant animals as reference.
9 27/02/12 FORMATIVE
10 05/03/12
Receive scene files with cameras set up and models imported, ready to be animated.
Block out animation for the shots that I have been designated in Maya
11 Holiday Animated inbetween and breakdown poses for each shot
12 09/04/12 Look through animations; improve and refine poses
13 16/04/12 Send playblasts to Lily for approval
14 23/04/12 Send fully animated scenes to James for rendering
15 30/04/12 Start compositing scenes; get in touch with a sound designer
16 07/04/12 Editing the composited footage (I might be in Stuttgart this week)
17 14/05/12 Editing the composited footage together
18 21/05/12
Apply sound effects
Apply credits to film
Encode video correctly as per Ravensbourne 2012 Technical Standards for Programme Delivery
19 May 25th Hand in