Thursday, 3 May 2012

Last minute rigging

For the dying dog scene in Synaesthesia, we were going to use a dog that we downloaded from the internet.  However, while we were testing this dog rig, we found that it was a very poor rig; it was badly weighted, much of the history of the mesh was still present and it had no blend shapes.  We could not put in any blend shapes because of these problems.  As it would take more work just to tidy up this problematic rig, we decided to use a dog that Perri Wheeler modelled and to rig this ourselves.

As we have very little time left and this dog has very little movement, given that she is dying, I made the rig as simple as possible, with only a few drivers put in.  I rigged this dog but I received help from Arpit with the weighting and the parenting of the master controller to the joints, controls and IKs.  This should be the last rig that I make for my Portfolio and indeed this year.

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