Saturday, 19 May 2012

A recap on the order of the scenes and shots as they are now

Since I have been doing the animating for the Synaesthesia project, we added some new camera shots and camera movements into the scenes for greater effect.  As a result some of the shots that come up later in the film now have a different numbering.

For example, the shot in which Alex approaches the piano was originally called Shot 8 and was referred to as Shot 8 in some of my previous blog posts; however, this shot is now to referred by the team as Shot 11, primarily because we have added some more camera shots to the scenes that come before, thus making this shot the eleventh shot chronologically, and no longer the eighth.

I have therefore decided to post up this document which Valentino wrote up and that clarifies what happens in each shot, the shot number and which scene each shot belongs to.

This list will also give a clear indication how I will be referring to each shot in the video that I am making for my Portfolio that will show the blockouts, rough tests and final animation for each shot I worked on.

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