Friday, 2 March 2012

First animation for the portfolio

I have done some animation tests with the cat rig to see how well it works and of course, so I can "warm up" and get back into animating again as I have had little chance since that year started again.  Here is the first test that I did, which just involves the cat sitting down and looking around.

This next one is a walk cycle, which I animated using a reference that I found on Youtube.  It was rather hard to find a simple reference video of a cat walking, with all the other videos that people have uploaded featuring cats walking on 2 legs, dancing and playing keyboards, amongst other unusual things, that you wouldn't expect cats to get up to.

Here is the video.  I am not too keen on it and I have tried to use the graph editor to fix some of the floating limbs in some of the poses, as well as inserting stepped tangents, but this is going to take more work.  I may need to make it faster as well.

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