Monday, 5 March 2012

Improved Cat walk

I shared the previous animation tests with the rest of the group.  Regarding the Cat walk, Lily stated that it was wrong in that the cat had too much bounce and also the movement of her legs were also incorrect.  When a cat moves their left front leg forward, then their right hind leg also moves forward.  I have therefore come to learn that when animating a quadruped (and also rigging one), their front legs should be treated like the arms of a biped, in that when the arm on one side is forward, than the corresponding leg must be back.

Lily also added that this is not a domestic cat, therefore her tail would not be held up in the air.  I was also advised to remove the shake of the tail as this indicated too much that the cat was angry.

After being given this feedback, I have created a new walk cycle animation test from scratch, using the basic method for constructing a walk cycle.  This works much better, considering I did it in a quarter of the time that it took to do the previous one.  I may need to reduce the bounce in this cat's movement as it is a bit too drastic.

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