Friday, 16 September 2011

Some inspiration for villain character

I feel that I'm on to something with the whole cyberpunk style; it is a very vibrant and abstract style and has some eerie undertones.  This would be perfect for the theme of my short film concept.

As for the design of the female villain character, I feel that I have been looking too squarely at video game characters to base them on and I think that I needed to look elsewhere for inspiration.  In doing some reading on cyberpunk, I came across a fashion style called cybergoth; a style which fuses cyberpunk with the gothic subculture among other influences.

I had heard of cybergoth before but I hadn't looked into it in any great depth beforehand.  It is quite distinctive with the big, usually multicoloured hairdos and quite tightly fitted shirts/corsets/dresses with colour schemes of varying levels of diversity.
Image:Undefined 7938.jpg
To me, the cybergoth fashion and culture is very beautiful.  It is really elaborate and unusual, but looks amazing when perfected; some of the cybergoths that dress in relatively dark colour schemes mixed with warm colours such as red almost look villainous   This is the sort of thing that may inform the look of my villain character as I will need to convey the sense of beauty that is inherent in this character and clearly establish the fact that this character was designed to be a villain in the game in which she exists.

Here are some more images that I will use as reference for creating this character.

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