Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Pitch

I was going to blog yesterday but I literally didn't have the time; largely because I spent the entire day finishing concept work and putting together my presentation for today's pitch.  As I write this, I am currently sitting on Floor 7 at uni and shitting myself about the up-and-coming pitch, even though I'm fairly prepared.

I spent the whole day yesterday producing art work to use in this pitch.  This consisted of a character design for the villain in full colour, and two concept pieces to convey the character's relationship before and after the coin is inserted.  These two pieces also hopefully sum up how I intend to use colour to transition between peace and chaos and also to continuously establish the contrast between these two characters.

Here is the fully coloured and textured image of my villain character.  I attempted to paint the multi coloured streaks that a lot of cybergoths have, in this image, but it didn't quite work well.
And here are the two images that go at the beginning to convey the complex relationship these characters have.  When the arcade machine is not in use, they are living, breathing and feeling characters; but once the game starts, they are merely entities, designed for fighting and the satisfaction of the player.

I know that Blogger are making some changes to the interface, but with any luck, you should be able to view these images full size by clicking on them.  In between each of these images, I have included these videos to show the transition to chaos in true arcade style.

I will also need to stress that this film will loosely follow a cyberpunk style and that I will need the following specialists to join my team:
  • Storyboard Artists
  • Environmental Designers
  • Character and Environmental Modellers
  • Some more Animators
  • Texture Artists
  • Rendering Specialists
  • Sound Designers (perhaps from the Sound Design degree at Rave)
I have already seen quite a few impressive pitches today so I hope that mine goes down well.  Only problem is that it has been quite a strain to hear a lot of them because of the noise from other courses (welcome to the new age of open learning at Ravensbourne :P)

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