Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Villain character design and film style

I have decided that the relationship between the hero and villain characters could be interesting if it is hinted that it is almost a romance.  I have decided to make the villain character female; and also taller and slightly older looking than the hero character.  After some initial sketches to figure out what kind of character she will be, here is a rough character design, slightly based on that of the hero.
I am probably going to make a lot more alterations to this character until she is distinctive enough from the hero character but simple enough to work with in Maya.  I also need to work at making her look somewhat like a villain, but at the same time appealing, so that the audience care for her and empathise with her as much as the hero; which is paradoxical but will take some more sketching to work out.

I have also been considering possible styles for my film.  There are very few films and animated films that are based around arcades but I came across the animation work of independent animator M Dot Strange.  He released a film in 2007 called We Are The Strange, which is surreal and almost enduring to watch but he really succeeded in creating a vibrant arcade style that was dark, nightmarish and also very avant garde.  The film almost had some gothic elements to it, here is a trailer so you know what I am getting at.

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