Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Villain Cybergoth Head Concepts

Using the cybergoth photos that I posted up in the previous post, I have been trying to sketch what the villain's face should look like.  A key element of the cybergoth look is the really massive hair that more often than not has more than one colour running through it.  A lot of cybergoths also go for the chunky goggles; something that I have chosen to include in my character.

Cybergoth hair is considerably tricky to get right through drawing.  If recreating it in Maya is anywhere near as difficult as drawing it, I may need to reconsider the design.  I think the best thing to do is start using paint and incorporating various colour schemes; so this will require some fairly thick and bright acrylics as this will help to convey the cybergoth image better than these monochromatic doodles.

There are certain things about the character's image that I have decided on through these sketches, however; I have decided that the character will have goggles, which could also be used to symbolise the character coming in and out of a warrior-like state.  I have also drawn the goggles so that they rest at an angle on her head.

In order to make her face look more different to that of the hero's, I have decided to make her eyes considerably larger than the rest of her face.  I think this will be quite effective in creating emotion in the character, as well as establishing her transition from quite a loving character to the villain that she becomes when a coin is inserted and the game is in play.

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