Monday, 14 November 2011

Colour Ox Design

I did this a few days ago, but I have started experimenting with the colour of the Ox, now that i have finalised the design.  Even though we have decided against the use of fur for technical reasons (fur is furiously high poly, which slows your machine down and would be a pain in the arse from both an animating and rendering point of view), but I have decided to still use the watercolour brushes in Photoshop to colour the character in and to experiment with the varying shades in the Ox's coat.  Furthermore, we are using cell shading so we will need to rely on more creative texturing in order to present the Ox's fur.
I have retained core parts of his character designs, such as the drooping horns with slight curls, to establish his nature as a dopey pushover.  I have also tried to experiment with the proportions of his figure so that his face can peer out of the river as he swims across and carries the cat and rat on his back.

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