Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Component Editor and Weight Painting

Next, I needed to use the component editor to make sure that all the vertices around the chest only moved with the chest joint.  In order to do this, I selected all the vertices around the chest and in the component editor, increase the amount of influence that these vertices have on the chest, thus removing it from other areas.
 I then brought the chest control forward and used the painting weights tool to emphasise how far forward the chest could move.

I then moved the hips and then emphasised the amount of movement that the hips could make by painting on more weights.
 The when I moved the neck control for the alien rig at first, the head would twist around abnormally, so in order to fix this, I selected all of the vertices of the head only and using the component editor, I linked made all the vertices' influence to the skull joint only.
 Now if I rotate the head, the whole head moves perfectly and none of the geometry is disrupted.

 Lastly, I had to use the component editor to increase the influences in the elbows, in order to avoid them caving in on themselves.  I did this by bending the arm, selecting the vertices around the elbow and slowly increasing the influence of the elbow joint.

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