Thursday, 3 November 2011

Creative changes + More character design work

First of all, I would like to announce that we have made the creative decision to change the Buffalo to an Ox.  The reason for this is after doing a bit more research into the Chinese Zodiac; the second animal of the zodiac is in fact an Ox, contrary to Ed Young's telling of the Great Race.  I also learnt that it is only in the Vietnamese version of the Zodiac in which the Water buffalo is the second animal.

Furthermore, after comparing images of the Buffalo and Ox, I have decided that the Ox has more potential for interesting character design.
An Ox
A buffalo
An Ox's body proportions are far more exaggerated, compared to a buffalo.  It has a massive back, that would be good for the cat and rat to sit on and their horns that droop downwards could be used to add appeal to the character.

As I have volunteered to do the character design for the Ox, here are some more images that I am using as reference for the Ox character.

Sketches for the design of the Ox character are to follow.

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