Monday, 31 October 2011

Fingers and right arm.

The hands would not be as laborious to rig as the female model that came with the tutorial, primarily because I only had two big fingers and a thumb to rig.
This stage was just a matter of fitting the joints in the fingers and thumb, and then aligning them correctly in the top, front and side views.

Once that was done, I now had to parent these fingers to the wrist to make the hand.  In order to emphasise the grip in the fist, I decided to add an extra joint, called the leftHandPalm, which is marked by the pivot here.  This should hopefully make the range of movement in this hand greater.
As for the right arm, I could have mirrored the joints of the left arm, but I think that this may have caused problems when it came to binding the skin, as demonstrated a few posts back.
I decided to build the right arm from scratch and to try and make resemble the left arm joints as closely as possible.  I think this would also be good practice as I could get the hang of building arms, complete with IK/FK handles and controls.

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