Thursday, 6 October 2011

Green light... denied!

The tutors have not chosen my project to go through with production. I am disappointed naturally, but I have decided not to beat myself up over this and take it on the chin.  Even though my pitch went pretty well, I think the project did not get chosen was maybe because it was a bit too complicated and maybe I would not have had enough time to tie up the rest of the loose ends in the story line.

One of the things that I had decided a few days back was that I was going to keep cool, regardless of the outcome.  I had planned that if the Arcade film project was to get green lit, then I would be a director, which I would have quite liked, and I would have formed a team and made it the focus of the year to get the final film done.  As the film has not been given the green light, I have shelved the project for the time being; hopefully I get to develop it at some point in the future.

I have decided instead that I am going to freelance my skills and work on several of the film projects which did get the green light and build my portfolio at the same time.  Character Animation is my main specialism and I have therefore offered this skill around to various directors.  Rigging and Character Designs are skills that I have chosen as sort of secondary specialisms and I have also decided to offer these skills for who ever needs them.  With Rigging, I am still at quite a basic level, I can barely even call myself an intermediate; but I am hoping to really develop this skill further in the upcoming units; particularly Dan's unit.

So far, I have approached a few directors regarding working with them and it looks like I will be working on the following projects:
  • The Obsessionist: A mixed media project by Dominique Urquhart which she has requested some rigging and CG animating for; and also some green screen and compositing stuff, which I would be keen to get into.  I was really intrigued by this idea when I saw it pitched and the mixture of stop motion, CG and maybe 2D to make this portrait.  Working on this piece will allow me to develop several skills
  • The Cat and the Rat: A CG project being made by Lily Blacknell, Olivia Walters and Sarah Strickland; they want this done in the style of japanese painting.  They seemed to have storyboarding done so this project would be good opportunity to build up my Artist folder with texture art.  They will also need some help with animating and also some extra hands with the rigging, although I think Oly is specialising in rigging.
If I get involved in any other projects, I will be sure to document it here.  I did put my name out for a lot of the projects today.

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