Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New projects

Even though much of the work that I have published in this blog has been Character design and Rigging, I am actually an Animator first and foremost; it is just that the Cat and Rat project has not come to the stage where we can start animating quite yet.  As the third term has started, many of the projects have come to the stage to start animating so I expect that this will be my time to shine and that there is going to be a large boom of animation work available for me to do so I can build up my Portfolio, and in particular, the Animation folder of my portfolio.

I have therefore decided to do animation work for a project called Synaesthesia, which is currently being made by Valentino Lazardis and Arpit Achha.  They primarily want me to do walk cycles of a 19-year-old girl who is intrigued and enraptured by the colours and patters that she sees around her, as a result of her condition.  They also want a few point of view shots which consist of her hands doing things such as playing the piano and stroking a dying dog.  This will amount to around 8 shots of animation; I am going to be given the relevant character rigs and the relevant environments.

This will mean that I will potentially have a broader range of work to include on my showreel for when I graduate and more films that I will be credited on.

I also potentially have another project to do work for called Fools Gold which is being directed by Richard Eglinton.  He approached me after seeing the quadrupedal rigging (the Cat and the Ox) that I did for the Cat and Rat project and he has informed me that he may need me to rig a model of a dog, complete with controls and drivers.  He may contact me soon when he has completed and finalised the dog model.

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