Sunday, 29 April 2012

Playblast for Shots 3, 4 & 5

These are another set of shots which had quite a lot of revision.  This scene originally consisted of an over the shoulder track shot to the book room and a POV of the book, with words coming out.  We decided to make this more succinct by transitioning from the previous scene to a long shot that pans slowly from left to right of Alex sitting at the table reading a book, with the cup of tea that she made in the previous scene (probably with a small amount of Dynamics omitting from the cup to follow on from that scene).  The shot then cuts to an over the shoulder shot in which we see the words coming out of the book.

This then cuts to a POV so we can get a better look of the words leaving the book.  In an interesting twist,  she puts the book down and then we suddenly see her walk out of shot.  This means that shot 5 functions as both a POV shot of what Alex sees but then seamlessly becomes a long shot of her walking to the next room.  This is where I animated a walk cycle of her walking to the next room to have the next experience.

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