Thursday, 26 April 2012

Shot 8 Final Playblast

Shot 8 is finally done; Valentino wanted me to increase the overall speed of the walk.  I initially made it a lot faster than I originally had it, but then Valentino asked me to make it a little slower again.  He also wanted each step to be slower than the last.

As for the sitting movement, they liked it, but they wanted a little more anticipation when she approaches the stool before she sits down.  As for the part when she moves up the stool and into the correct position, they thought her behind went too far up in the air, so I took that down and made it flatter in the Graph Editor.

With all the relevant changes made, here is the unrendered playblast of shot 8.
I am back in line with my personal schedule for the Synaesthesia project and I am intending to start work on shot 3 and shot 4, in which Alex sits at a table with a book and words start to move around.

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